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Richmond FIT for LIFE is a community response to the problem of childhood obesity in Richmond. FIT for LIFE is based on the belief that a good solution will grow from everyone's participation.

Each of us in Richmond -- individuals, organizations, faith-based communities, neighborhood councils, and groups of friends -- can join this campaign simply by deciding to do something to respond to the epidemic of childhood obesity. There are many strategies and actions that can be implemented -- from our homes, from our neighborhoods, and from the entire city.

52% or our Richmond children are currently obese or overweight. This puts them at higher risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, and other illnesses. Their futures are at risk.

We all can educate others on healthy eating and active living. We all can support ideas and policies that make our city more responsive to childhood obesity.

Richmond SODA Ballot Measures One policy example: the proposed Soda Tax ballot measures for November 2012 that will discourage excessive consumption of sweetened beverages and generate funds for the community responses that are needed to overcome childhood obesity.

Other ideas and policies will also help our community response. FIT for LIFE salutes the individual efforts that families, parents and children make. The central focus of the FIT for LIFE campaign is implementing policies that make it easier for all parents, all children, and all residents to eat healthy and have active lives.

Together, we can help our kids be FIT for LIFE!

Dr. Jeff Ritterman

Richmond Soda Tax
Jeff Ritterman, Former Chief of Cardiology at Kaiser Richmond and Richmond City Councilmember explains the burden of Sweetened Beverages

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Mural painted by Dunk The Junk on north side of MacDonald Ave between 37th and 38th - Photo by Fletcher Oakes

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